“Our workers tell us that they feel they are being punished for having a union and having a collective agreement.” “We have received a large number of complaints from Stella employees at the Sherbrook site about how the employer implemented the first agreement,” said Jeffrey Traeger, President of UFCW Local 832. The union, which represents Stella`s Café employees on Sherbrook Street, filed several complaints against the owners of the In Winnipeg restaurant and stated that management was refusing to grant the salary increases outlined in a newly introduced collective agreement. The collective agreement that applies to restaurant waiters, dishwashers, cooks, hosts, baristas and exhibitions (workers who prepare food to eat) calls for a pay increase after one year. “We do a lot of first contracts because we`re a private sector union and I can tell you that at the beginning of an employer relationship, we never had to file five complaints,” Traeger said. Stella now has a culture and engagement committee with staff, a human resources department and a confidential staff hotline and complaint procedures, among others, he said. The union expects the appeals and complaint against unfair labour practice to take months. Other complaints accuse management of not planning working time based on seniority, and require workers to be available for four positions per week – if the contract says there should be two shifts. Employees at two of Winnipeg`s seven stella sites, including the Sherbrook site, voted to form unions late last year after the “Not My Stella” campaign. The social media campaign saw workers complain about management and accusations of sexual harassment, moral harassment and abuse in the chain. Sohlberg said the company will not comment on details of the contract or complaints and said it decided to go through the formal appeals process. In a written statement, Stella`s owners referred the UFCW charges. The complaint against unfair labour practice also concerns wage increases, with the union accusing stella of “deliberately not paying the wages imposed by the contract”. But Rob Del Grosso, Stella`s vice president of operations since January, says that since not My Stella`s campaign, the channel`s activity and policy have been completely overhauled.

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