Car rental contracts are agreements that are made for regular car washing or cleaning.4 min read INFORMATION COLLECTION AND USE We require the collection of certain information from you to meet your requests, offer automotive representation services and ensure that we can offer a quality and personalized service. We offer commercials. After applying for our services before opting for a service and after purchasing our services, we can send you advertisements. We offer e-mail newsletters to provide information about our products such as vehicle maintenance tips, sales and promotions as well as the appointments we make available for service delivery. You can also receive promotional material through the USPS-Mail. You can disable commercials at any time via a link at the end of the email, an email to or by phone at 203-584-1594. Creating a mobile retail business is simple and start-up costs are lower. However, it can be difficult to stand out among other suppliers and create your customer base. Car dealers often have difficulty deciding whether to maintain an in-house retail service or relocate the task to an external retail store. Those who operate an internal service say it is more economical and offers better control and quality of work. On the other hand, those who outsource the task feel that outsourcing eliminates the anger and cost of internal management.

INSURANCE, ACCIDENTS, PREEXISTING CONDITION AND DAMAGE Cardinal Detailing is fully insured. We are fully insured to work where you need service. Our insurance covers every customer and vehicle. Despite negligence, Cardinal Detailing cannot be held responsible for the damage caused to the vehicle while they are in our custody. We are as careful as possible and if something is damaged while you are detailing your vehicle, we will inform you of the incident. We will check the condition of your vehicle for existing damage during the preliminary inspection when we prepare for the estimate. Other existing damage can be seen during the cleaning or accuracy of the vehicle. We will photograph your vehicle just before work begins. They agree not to blame Cardinal Detaillierung for the damage already in existence. PROVIDING Feedbacks and PHOTOS We ask for your opinion.

Please send an email ( or use our contact form on the site ( and inform us if you have any doubts – good or bad. We also ask that Cardinal Detailing be able to use images of your vehicle for marketing purposes and post them on its website ( or Facebook page No personal identification of the vehicle or its owner is published. To run a mobile retail operation, you need to obtain licenses and perform marketing and budgeting tasks. Mobile automotive retail is a form of car wash that caters to customers looking for the convenience of getting the look of their vehicles.