Only those who can sign a contract can legally transfer property. Under the Contract Act of 1872, a contract is a binding agreement between two parties. Finally, you need stamp paper on which you write the sales parts – the sales contract. The value of the stamped paper depends on the value of the property. At that time, you will also have to pay the necessary taxes. These are usually paid for by buyers. The token is usually followed by bayana. It serves the same purpose as the token. Unlike the token, this makes things a little more official.

It is usually coupled with a written agreement. The transfer is completed when the sale title is registered with the sub-recorder. It is generally recommended to hire a scribe or lawyer to write the deed of sale. They have experience and they know the things that are absolutely contained in every act. This can usually help to avoid future complications between the parties. The above guide guides you through the process of transferring real estate by sale. However, a newcomer who wishes to buy or sell real estate in Pakistan may have other questions: Below you will find the details of the format of the real estate purchase contract in Pakistan. This also applies to bayana: after all, you need a stamp paper to design the deed of sale: the sales contract.

The value of the required buffer paper depends on the value of the property. To follow this step, you must pay (as a buyer) all taxes due. This transfer can be done in different ways and does not involve only a sale. It can also include mortgage concerns, gift, leasing and exchange. That the second part ofRs_____________ the rest of the sales reflection (Rupees – “I`m going to be a no-go-like” “I`m going to be a no-go-all” Day – 2004 at the time of the transfer of the above property in favor of the Second Part / Buyer or its original , will be delivered by the FirstParty / Seller to the Second Part / Buyer or to its candidate at the time of the transfer of this property in the office of the CDA. That the seller hereafter assure and assure the buyer that the property in question is exempt from all kinds of claims, pledges and whatsoevernature charges and that he has the right, title and legitimate right to sell the house in question in all respects. That the seller is responsible for all debts, levies, property taxes and insurance charges/bills, etc., which must still be paid to date at the time of the transfer of the property to the CDA, the government or any other authority concerned. That if the seller refuses this agreement or does not transfer the house/property in question on behalf of the buyer or his nominees, then the seller is responsible and is required to immediately pay double the biana money received to the buyer.

And in this case, the buyer will also have jurisdiction to conclude this agreement by the Court of Justice, on the risk and costs of the sellers.